"An artist is somebody who produces things that people don't need to have."  --Andy Warhol

Even if you don't, I'll assume you did and totally still hold you accountable.

What if I Cancel on You?

Out of 1200 shoots, I have cancelled about 7 times. I have done downright silly things to ensure my attendance and punctuality for shoots. But, life happens. On the rare chance I have to cancel with short notice, I will pay kill fees for any nonrefundable studio/location rentals that you may have incurred.

Travel Expenses

I stay in a 1.5 hr radius for local shoots and I travel far and wide for others. If I am traveling to you, I may require all or partial travel expenses to be covered. This will be discussed during the process of booking and prior to travel. Where am I traveling from

General Rates

Hourly: $100-125/hr; 1-3 hr minimum

Half day: $400-500 (4 hrs)

full day: $700+ (up to 8 hrs)

8+ hrs or multiple days: TBD

*Please note: rates may vary


Who Will I Work with?

  • I prefer to work with people who really want to work with me. If you could sorta take it or leave it, I'd rather you leave it. I've found that when both parties are not equally invested in the shoot synergy is lost and results suffer.
  • I WILL NOT work with just anyone, for any concept, for whatever purpose. If I don't think there will be mutual benefit, or if I don't think we are well-suited to shoot a certain type of content -- money aside -- I will have to decline.
  • This being said: I'm not a diva and am open to working with people of all skill levels. As long as there is mutual respect and relative  compatibility, by all means, let's shoot.
  • If you have read this far and are  interested, please get in touch. 


I may require a deposit for a shoot for several reasons, among them:

  • I'm traveling a long distance to you.
  • We've never worked together before.
  • We've booked previously and you've canceled.
  • It is a long booking.
  • It is a booking made with far advance confirmation.

A deposit is held as payment towards the shoot to reserve a time slot. It shows a sign of commitment to our shoot, which brings me to the next section.


I spend a lot of time working to coordinate schedules that maximize my time and efficiency when traveling, and when I get cancellations, it can cause a huge shift in plans for me. Cancellations made with adequate notice are usually replaceable. Other times the impact can be devastating and in extreme circumstances can cause me to have to cancel trips even after expenses have been incurred. For this reason I have to institute a cancellation policy. 


PLEASE DO NOT BOOK WITH ME UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE YOU CAN COMMIT. I would rather you tell me up front that your plans are uncertain. This way I can free my schedule up for someone who can commit and revisit to see if our schedules align as the time nears. The average trip costs me $500-1000 out of pocket, and it is extremely inconsiderate to cancel on short notice or leave me waiting on confirmation. My time is valuable.


  • If during the booking process I don't hear back from you within 3 days, I will assume you have lost interest and will free up the slot on a first come first serve basis. 
  • If you cancel and we've never worked together,  or you have a history of being noncommittal in the past, I may require payment in advance for future bookings.
  • If you stop responding altogether and give no follow up, I will likely not gbook in the future. Business is business


LOCAL SHOOTS (within 1.5 hrs of Toms River, NJ)

 >48 hrs' notice: N/A

<48 hrs' notice: $50 deposit held towards future shoot, rescheduled within 1 month from cancellation


REGIONAL SHOOTS (2-4 hrs from Toms River, NJ)

 >1 wk's notice: N/A

<1 wk's notice: $100 deposit held towards future shoot, rescheduled within 2 months from cancellation


NON LOCAL SHOOTS (>4 hrs from Toms River, NJ)

>2 week's notice: N/A

1-2 wk's notice: $100 kill fee payable towards future shoot

<1 wk's notice: $100 or 50% kill fee (non-refundable)

<48 hrs' notice: 100% kill fee

*2 Cancellations with any amount of notice will require 100% of payment to be made up front. 


This is a guideline only; exceptions can be made depending on circumstances. The farther I'm traveling, the stricter the policy.




Please read


The (Miscellaneous) Fine Print

  • Rates will vary based on a variety of applicable factors including but not necessarily limited to travel time/expense involved, length of shoot, type of content, physical demands of the shoot, scheduling demands of the shoot, and  usage/release terms.
  • I DO NOT "HAGGLE" MY RATES. I am open to reasonable OFFERS only. What this means is that I am willing to negotiate on half day or longer bookings when other compensation is offered in dollar-for-dollar exchange (i.e. accommodations, travel expense) or when we agree to a trade arrangement of shared rights, or in certain cases when there is guaranteed publication.
  • These are standard rates that correspond to a unit of time worked. These do not apply to contract-based projects or workshops.
  • Preference is always shown to half day and longer bookings. Sometimes this may apply exclusively.
  • WHY DO YOU HAVE A "MINIMUM" FOR SHOOTS? I've gotten this before; the answer is simple. For every shoot, no matter how big or small, I spend hours upon hours of my time in behind the scenes "busy" work -- from self promotion in all forms, to email correspondence, to market research, to shopping for specially requested wardrobe items, etc. This does not even consider the travel time to and from shoots (average travel time for a shoot: 3-4 hours in addition to shoot time), the prep time (average hair/ makeup: 1-2 hours), or the upkeep required to maintain my appearance (fitness, haircare,   skincare, mani/pedis, etc.) Although it would be impossible to accurately calculate the amount of time put in, I can conservatively say that I spend 1-3 times as much BTS for a shoot as I do actually shooting. For this reason I need a minimum to justify the time and effort that I put into every shoot, and it will vary but is typically 2-4 hrs.  THIS IS MY PROFESSION, AND I TAKE IT VERY SERIOUSLY. In return I always  ensure  that I will show up to our shoot ready to work, with a good attitude, looking as represented in my photos or better.
  • I'm extremely fair about time. I ask that you be mostly ready to shoot when I arrive if I am traveling to you. If you are traveling to me, I will show you the same courtesy. If I am late, I will give you the option to pro-rate the charge and wrap up at our regularly scheduled time or, mutually schedule-permitting, extend our time to make up for it.  If you are late and I am able to extend our shoot to accommodate you, I will. If I am not able to adjust my schedule to accommodate you, please know that I will still insist on the full amount agreed to -- even though our time together is shortened.
  • WELL, I CAN JUST GET A MODEL WHO WILL WORK FOR A LOT CHEAPER, OR FOR TF. True. You can and owe it to yourself to explore all options and to select a more "affordable" model if it suits. As stated I do not haggle my rates, so don't expect a price match from me. My rates are more than reasonable for the work ethic, approach, and experience I bring to every shoot, and I have 700+ references available to vouch for me!