* Additional fees may apply

Detailed script will

add to overall cost

due to time involved

General Fee Guideline

Dear Fans,
looking for custom work?

Please send inquiries for all merchandise here, including custom photo/video sets, prints, used wardrobe items, etc. 


Must have payment before anything is delivered. No exceptions.
Please be patient with email response & delivery times! 
I reserve the right to deny any request, for any reason whatsoever
SPAM and anything that is not a legitimate inquiry will be ignored, deleted, blocked etc.
Feel free to send fan mail! But keep it tasteful as inappropriate messages will be disregarded.

That's about it. I look forward to hearing from you!

Custom Request Submission Form

Turn-around Time:

Solo (1 model) customs are generally delivered within 30 days of receipt of payment. Multi-model customs are delivered within a week of scheduled production date unless otherwise notified. 

Payment Options:

I accept Paypal and credit cards. Paypal is preferred. A small processing fee will be added to credit card purchases. All other forms of payment case-by-case. 

*Production days refer to available models.