Down to Business

I will consider paid work as well as trade with SELECT photographers/producers with the terms of the trade allowing me commercial rights to the content to sell/post/submit for publication as I please (I am able to supply a release to that effect for review and amendment of both parties to a mutually agreeable set of terms). Other trade arrangements will be considered on a case by case basis.

What do I Shoot?

I'm available for a range of assignments, from casual --  I've done commercial work for clients like BB&T and plenty of stock photography for individual photographers; to fashion -- although mostly nude, YES, even at 5'2"; to glamour - I've helped hundreds of newcomers develop their books in one-on-one sessions and over a dozen workshops and have been featured in print and online magazines/paysites; art -- work has been showcased in several art galleries and coffee table books; to fetish film acting -- I've shot  over 60 short films available through the various production companies for whom they were shot, ranging from spoofy comedies to necro- and sleepy-themed concepts, as well as peril, wrestling, ENF, and let's not forget superheroine; and more.
I'm also partial to any acting assignments involving horror or comedic elements.
Willing to consider promotional modeling gigs.


 I traveled full time as a model for years. Please note that as of Sept 2016 I am now a full time producer. This means modeling shoots are limited to my availability and discretion.  Generally though, I am available 7 days a week, daytime or evening, with at least a week's notice for assignments in the tri-state region; and with at least two week's notice in any 5 hour radius of my region. Please see my Travel Schedule for more info.

Who dat HP?

What Do I Not Shoot?

For questions please see the Contact section and email me.


height: 5'2"

weight: 100-105 lbs.

skin: olive

hair: black

eyes: brown

bust: 33"

cup: D
waist: 25"

hips: 34"
dress: 0-2


How I Got Started

I guess I could tell you I was a lifelong aspiring model who worked hard to realize her dreams...and the rest is history, blah blah. In truth, it was nothing I ever gave any thought to. I was basically your typical underachiever who was chronically overqualified or otherwise ill-suited for any "normal" job I ever had, disillusioned by the lack of moral fiber in corporate America. One day, along came modeling -- an orphan golden egg that got laid on my doorstep. In the wake of my then circumstances, I decided to trade in the glorified retail-working pseudo-business professional image for a birthday suit and heels. Great decision, and I've been doing it since 2008. 


Oh my. Where do I start?